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  • Image 1489 206 visits Bust of a Dwarf lord
  • Image 1487 196 visits Hard at work
  • Image 1485 206 visits Prospector Lord Nroin Stonefist
  • Image 1488 209 visits Thorin's Hall Bar
  • Image 1486 188 visits Workin the forge
  • A portrait of a lesser dwarf lord from Ered Mithrin. 242 visits , Rating: 4.37 Nroin Stonefist of the Grey Mountains
  • The Doors of Erebor 203 visits Doors of Erebor
  • The Doors of Thorin's Hall 198 visits Doors of Thorin's Hall
  • A midday in Gondamon 204 visits Gondamon
  • Erebor's throne room 198 visits The throne room of Erebor
  • The throne room of Thorin's Hall 181 visits The throne room of Thorin's Hall