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This is my game album. I call it Marancil after my first Character in game, in september 2013.

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  • Outfits 14 photos Outfits
  • An Eorl Memorial placed in my Kinship Island at the Cape of Belfalas. The trees are huge and available in the Store, they are called King Crimson. 3104 visits , Rating: 4.37 Kinship-Island-Eorl-Memorial
  • Image 1194 1088 visits ScreenShot 2020-07-11 204039 0
  • Cropped to 1200 3328 visits Calchiar on Steed with Alliance Gear - cropped
  • The armour Gear is Lesser Blade of the West from Harndirion barterers and I feel it is a reasonable combination. Using Crimson and Gold on the white Steed, with some black accents, seems to work rather well. I was worried about the gold "tone" since it did not work on other Gear combo, but this is better. 3360 visits , Rating: 4.37 Calchiar on Steed with Alliance Gear