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Oh, this looks interesting, what does all the buttons do?


You've stumbled upon this site, and beyond just admiring the fantastic screenshots and images from the albums,
you've taken the extra step of registering to contribute your own collection?

That is awesome!

To help you kickstart your journey, let's delve into some fundamental skills for uploading images.

The system might not be entirely self-explanatory in some areas.


You are logged in, but where is the upload button?

In the image below, spot it nestled in the Discover menu as a sub-item. Find the menu at the upper right corner..

Clicking on that will transport you to this spot.
See the partial screenshot below for the dialogue you should encounter.

Here, pick your personalized album named after the user you created during registration.

Adding pictures is a breeze, but they'll only be visible once the WebMaster approves.

That's me!  I get an e-mail and check that several times a week.

You won't have rights to upload pictures to any other album by default,
nor create sub albums, but that may eventually change.

 * * *

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